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One of the greatest things about the internet is that for the first time in history virtually everyone can compete on an equal footing. While big companies still have an advantage in advertising dollars to be spent, with proper attention to SEO practices, site design, social media marketing and attention to the all-important performance parameters that Google, Bing and other search engines track it is entirely possible for people from teenagers in their bedrooms to retirees at the kitchen table to create a website that ranks at the top of the page and draws traffic.

With most, the above a company like Universers can help you achieve success in the shortest possible time and at very reasonable prices. They are the ones that brought me to the subject of this blog which was site performance issues.

Issues with GoDaddy Web Hosting Services

I was a confirmed GoDaddy user. I used them to host my own websites and those of my clients as well. I mean it made sense to me that one of the oldest companies in the business with over 18 million customers would have their act together and provide topnotch services. Unfortunately, I was to learn that bigger isn’t always better and that sometimes with age comes arrogance.

Over time I began to notice a trend. The longer a site was hosted on GoDaddy the more often it had performance issues. Downtime, the death of any website would increase. Loading times would increase and there seemed a near constant need for me to go through the headaches of changing servers. Perhaps the worst though was that they kept raising their rates and asking for higher fees without actually explain why or delivering anything extra for the hard-earned money I was paying them.

To state it plainly, GoDaddy made my life miserable. The customer service that they are so well known for was still there. Every time I would call regardless of the hour there was always someone there to help me but even after hours on the phone, nothing changed. Talking to them started to feel like that friend that is always glad to hear from you and ALWAYS offers to help but NEVER shows up.

Siteground Web Hosting

Thankfully, about the time I was ready to pull my hair out, my associates at Universers turned me on to Siteground. SiteGround isn’t that widely known in the U.S. but they currently host over 2,000,000 domains worldwide.

Part of that is because unlike some companies in the web hosting business they realize there is life outside of the United States. They actually have five data centers on three different continents.

Unparalleled Security and Reliability

Having a world view also means they are quick to pick up and implement new technologies no matter where they are developed. They were the first with Let’s Encrypt SSL integration for their clients and even developed a proprietary AI software that prevents over 5 million brute-force attacks every day.

They maintain a dedicated security team that believes in a proactive approach. In the last year alone, they instituted over 300 security patches on a server and website level and custom rules to their Web Application Firewall to alleviate identified but unresolved software vulnerabilities.

On top of this, they have maintained near 100 percent availability since the company was created. Needless to say, this is the best in the industry and all you could ever hope for.

WordPress Hosting a Specialty

Though you can build a website any way you like and have it hosted by SiteGround including using cPanel/Softaculous, their hosting is optimized for WordPress. In fact, I found out that they are on the WordPress.org recommended list. This isn’t surprising since their services include automatic updates—including plugins, Cloudflare CDN, automated daily backups, and website staging with their GoGeek plan.

SiteGround Beats GoDaddy Hands Down

Once bitten twice shy used to be a popular saying and it perfectly describes how I felt when I first started transitioning to SiteGround. Instead of just running on faith I did my homework and discovered that the company is one of the best-kept secrets among web developers.

They use the latest PHP version which puts them ahead of most in the industry and as if they needed another edge, they now have QUIC the base for the next generation of Internet protocol coming: the HTTP/3. This means that even people with a slow internet connection can load your pages in record time.

As far as GoDaddy’s much-vaunted Customer service is concerned, SiteGround’s is just as responsive with one major difference. They actually solve your problems instead of delivering lip service and little else.

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